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I.V.R. Mazzega

The exact date of the foundation is unknown. According to the statement of the daughter of Romano Mazzega, Esperia Mazzega, the company was founded in the early 30s. In 1937, the company was sold to Aureliano Toso. Together with his brothers Gino and Maria, he changed the company into F.lli Mazzega. After the Second World War, the factory was renamed I.V.R. Mazzega.

The factory mainly produced on order, for example, for the company Fucina degli Angeli. They worked with the best glass blowers and artists of the era, including Ermanno Nason, Luigi Scarpa Croce, Aldo Bergamini, Fulvio Bianconi, Carlo Scarpa, Renzo Burchiellaro, Anzolo Fuga, Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Gio Ponti, George Braque and Jean Cocteau.

The production finished in 1983.