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Ermanno Nason Studio

He was born 1928 in Murano in a family if glass blowers

Started to learn glass blowing at the early age of 9

1952-1964 master blower at I.V.R. Mazzega

1959 - 1962 opened Arte E. Nason s.n.c.

1962-1963 opened Scarpa & Nason s.n.c.

E.N. worked parallel in the manufacture Fucina degli Angeli and is strongly influenced by the different artists, who worked in the manufacture

1964-1972 master blower at Cenedese, favoured working on the Sommerso technique Executed designs of Antonio Da Ros

1970-1972 worked for Fucina deli Angeli

1972 refounded Arte E. Nason s.n.c.   

1993 closure of the factory