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The company C.V.M. was founded in 1877 and mainly dealt with the sale of glass, but also had furniture, bronzes, and luxury items on sale. They imported from all major European companies and traded goods with famous names, such as French glassware of 'Galle and Daum'.

In 1900, the ownership changed. Tosolini, the new owner, started during the time of World War II to offer products from major Murano glass manufacturers. The objects were often marked with the letters C.V.M., in combination with a crown.

In 1920, C.V.M. merged with the firm of Pauly & Co. The co-owner Giuseppe Toso Borella died four years after the fusion.

The company presented its own product line at the Venice Biennale in 1932. There objects of Flavio Poli were shown. He had been at the payroll at I.V.A.M., which had closed due to the economic crisis.