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Alfredo Barbini

Alfredo Barbini was born in 1912 and he began to work as a glassblower in early years.

He first worked for S.A.I.A.R. Ferro Toso and later for Societa Anonima Vetrerie e Cristallerie di Murano. From 1932-36 he worked at the side of Napoleone Martinuzzi at Zecchin-Martinuzzi and found out very early that he had a fondness for the modelling of figures. After the shutdown of the factory Zecchin-Martinuzzi, he became a master at V.A.M.A. He created figures in 'Fumato' technology and executed designs of Luigi Scarpa Croce. In 1946, he changed to the manufactory Cenedese Gino &C as partner and artistic director. In 1948, he decided to start his own factory, because he could no longer bear to work as an employee.

In 1950, he attended the Venice Biennale for the first time. He dealt with the plasticity of the form itself and the material and created series like 'Vetro Sommerso'.